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A day that forever changed me.

A day that Forever changed me and my family. Not only mentally but also a day that placed obstacles in my life I never imagined.

On April 12, 2017 Claire, Jackson and I were hit head on by a car and then a second front impact into a large oak tree. Yes the car was totaled but most importantly we all walked away from it. And even though many injuries were not visible externally, it has been a long journey for us all to heal.

PTSD. TBI. Social Anxiety. Panic Attacks. Anxiety Attacks. So many doctors appointments between us all it’s truly hard to count; More medications than I have taken in my life; And let’s just say ALL my hormones shut off including my adrenal glands. I was even diagnosed Hypothyroidism. Yep, that day changed everything!

As of Yesterday, October 2, 2019, I met with our lawyers for the last time.

This morning as I was reading, I came across the word GRATITUDE!!! And then the tears began to flow....and FLOW HARD! It was not for sadness but for grateful that we are all ok and that we ARE SURVIVORS!!!! And that it’s time to close this chapter for good!

I want to THANK so many fiends that helped me walked through this long process. You have been patient and loving and I am forever Blessed by you!

God had BIG PLANS FOR US and I will continue fighting for my health, for ALL my children and my marriage. I WAS MADE FOR MORE and I will continue fighting to LIVE!And I will continue to help as many people that want to live better too!

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